O propósito fundamental da Wozen é usar Arte como uma ferramenta para alcançar a evolução cultural e social, pois acreditamos que essa foi sua principal atribuição pelos séculos. Para atingirmos este objetivo, damos grande ênfase ao nosso programa de atividades, o qual é focado na educação para artistas, não artistas e, especialmente, crianças. Residentes e artistas convidados são encorajados a dividir seus conhecimentos em exercícios criativos e expressivos para o público em geral e colecionadores, tornando-se uma Escola de Arte colaborativa para as novas mentes.

Wozen’s main purpose is to use Art as a tool to achieve cultural and social evolution, as we believe this has been its major role throughout the centuries. One of our main strategies to achieve that goal is our Activities program, which is focused on education for artists, non-artists and, specially, children. Residents and guest artists are encouraged to share their knowledge in creative and expressive exercises for the general public and collectors, becoming a Collaborative Art School for new minds. 


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Sound.Cacao.Silence | Primal & Coração de Cacau

  • Wozen Studio Gallery (map)

13 JUN 2018 | Primal | Sound<< Cacao >>Silence

On June 13th Primal and Coração de Cacau invited the Lisbon community for an intimate midweek sound. cacao. and silence. gathering to practice deep inner listening at Wozen Studio. We were bathed in sound waves and take our time as we move and dance our bodies and our instruments from a place of empty inner space. 

In the world we live in today, silence is threatened by incessant talk and chatter which undermines music but also leads us to a state of confusion as we detach from what is really our own souls sound and rhythm. It is through this deep inner listening that we are able to express and create from the inside out, and truly hear and share a piece of what our soul whispers within. This is because in silence our experience of the world recedes and our feeling of isolation and our interior being increases.

Sound without silence would be noise, and silence without sound would leave us in an empty voice. Without the alteration between sound and music there would be no rhythm. Dance is a prayer with intention, and we invite you to join us as we are blessed with beautiful cacao heart opening medicinal from the Trinidadian jungle to bring us energy of abundance and plenitude and support us in co-creating a free and aware space to experience our inner natural love, meditate to the sound of our inner body whispers and be conducted into a state of loving transe. 

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