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What Will Remain? Glocalization as Crisis and Opportunity

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In order to create a space for empathy, intimacy and unbiased conversation, Wozen is pleased to host the conference What Will Remain and invite the Lisbon community to join us on Thursday April 4th to talk about waht matters. Moderated by Joanna Hecker, these conversations will spark a collective reflection upon sustainability, waste, over-consumption, gentrification, standardization, and the loss of cultural identity. Wozen also open the doors for the last day of the exhibition "No Future Without Memory" -  developed by the artist duo from London Expanded Eye.

The conference is an attempt to highlight one of the strongest processes of urban change; the process of gentrification.  Gentrification materializes the struggle for the preservation of identity and memory of the community and brings a reflective look into a global mentality through the local perspective of Lisbon. For this conference, Wozen is delighted to invite our upcoming residents: architect Afaina de Jong and artist Inna Vision; to join the guest speakers: urban geographer Luis Mendes and Frame Colectivo.  

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