Traces of Childhood | Drawings by Refugee Children in Greece cruzes the ocean and lands at Wozen - a true space without borders


Drawfugees | Exhibition

The exhibition Traces of Childhood – Drawings by Refugee Children in Greece, organised by the Drawfugees project with the support of UNICEF Portugal, presents a series of drawings by child refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq who are currently living in very difficult conditions in Greece.

Today’s refugee crisis is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. There are an estimated 50 million displaced children around the world, children whose childhoods have been brutally disrupted by the armed conflicts of adults.

The drawings on display at the Galeria Wozen in Lisbon were made during two different stages of the crisis. The first sketches come from the refugee camp in the Port of Piraeus from April to June 2016. The second set of drawings date from August to December 2016 and come from Athens, where many refugees are now living while they wait for decisions about their status.

Drawfugees is an independent, non-profit initiative, founded and run by Brazilian journalist André Naddeo with the support of a team of volunteers.

More information about Drawfugees:  https://www.facebook.com/drawfugees/

We have been working with this amazing children' refugees for 45 days at Piraeus' port, in Greece. After more than 60 drawings achieved, it's time to prepare them a little surprise...
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