CultRua - an independent festival of culture in Lisbon


CultRua | Wozen Activities

After our summer break, we resume our activities for Parents and Children during the first edition of CultRua - an independent festival of culture - which took place in front of the National Museum of Ancient Art, in the district of Santos, Lisbon - where we are located.

Wozen was one of the supporters of the project and promoted, in collaboration with Andaime Cooperativa Cultural, the activity: Knot and Shelters on the Street - Celebrating the public space to build shelters that grow and transform with us!

We act as facilitators for projects aligned with our proposal. At Wozen, we also run a series of activities focused on the cultural education of young people and children from the most different social background.

We always encourage the participation of families in the projects, bringing parents and children closer together. The experience constantly exceeds the boundaries of the gallery itself and settles definitively in the bosom of the family, the core structure of all communities.

Oficina Nós e Abrigos, atividade da Andaime Cooperativa Cultural por conceção e orientação de Ana Teresa Magalhães, produção e apoio Wozen Studio, no evento Cultrua. Edição e vídeo: Maju. Música: Branko & Mayra Andrade - Reserva Pra Dois.
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