Behind the scenes with Claude Charlier


Artist | Flecha Exhibition

Claude Charlier is a multi-faceted French artist, a well-known editorial photographer and a remnant of avant-garde pop art, famous mostly for the hyperrealistic painting of crumpled cans - an imposing symbol as well as Andy Warhol's legendary Campbell Soup. But first of all, Claude Charlier is a Wozen, a true citizen of the world. Based in the USA, where he remains active and always in contact with different people, the artist of French origin began his history with cans in the Japanese capital, where he arrived with only a handbag to explore the oriental culture. At the time, without speaking a word in Japanese, Charlier faced difficult times and even lived in the street - just as he began to look at the cans in a different way. Today, after numerous laps, his canvases run the world in awe-inspiring auctions and large rooms, while his work remains active in galleries or studios.

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